Backpackers Do’s and Don’ts

Interested in exploring the world but a bit nervous in how to prepare for your journey? Here’s a list of do’s and don’t from some backpackers themselves…

  • Don’t wait for the right time to go, there is never a right time. As long as you have a visa, valid passport and money, the world is yours.
  • Don’t think you’re too young or too old, you’re an adult at 18 and like I said before there is never a perfect time. Just go.
  • Don’t make definite plans, unexpected things happen, you can have a rough idea of what you want to do but honestly you’ll get to your first place and change your plans.
  • Don’t be afraid of other backpack travelers, they’re doing the same thing as you. Most of them are very nice and you can learn so much from them.
  • Don’t over pack! The things you packed will be on your back the whole time you’re traveling and you will most likely be wearing the same clothes for weeks. (You’ll meet new people everyday so they won’t know if your shirt is clean or not and honestly, they won’t care.)
  • Don’t be afraid to go alone. There are a lot of solo backpackers; you’ll meet a lot of friends on the way! (But taking a friend or boyfriend isn’t necessarily a bad idea either… just don’t stay to yourselves and understand how to work through problems because you will get tired of them eventually.)
  • Don’t get too caught up in posting on social media, take pictures and document to remember the moment but don’t forget to live in it.
  • Don’t go out every night but then again Don’t always stay in!
  • Don’t listen to those nay sayers at home saying you shouldn’t go or you won’t like it. You never know until you try!
  • Don’t think you have to take a backpack, some people think pushing a suitcase is easier than carrying a big heavy backpack
  • Do buy groceries and cook in the kitchen, it will save you a lot of money!
  • Do keep brochures and business cards from the places you’ve traveled just in case you want to scrapbook later
  • Do be open-minded and friendly
  • Do try living in hostel, they’re not the best but they are cheap and a great way to meet people.
  • Do ask hostels about working for free accommodation (some may require a 3 month commitment)
  • Do set money limits for yourself so you don’t go broke halfway through your trip. It is also very common to travel for a few months then work and save money in your travel country before continuing travel. Also a good way to speak to locals and embrace their culture.
  • Do try new things; you’re out of your home country so get out of your comfort zone!
  • Do research about the area you are planning to travel. Travel agents or travel companies can help, but they’re not a necessity.
  • Do talk to other backpackers about their travels and talk to natives of the country you’re visiting, they know a lot about the country and aren’t trying to take your money like most travel agents and companies!
  • Do buy a prepaid phone or sim card to keep in contact with the people you’ll meet and the people back home
  • Do go and take a chance Don’t look back! 




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